The Bordeaux region is simply legendary when it comes to wine. My home is located less than five minutes away from Saint-Emilion of course but also Pomerol and the Entre Deux Mers. Médoc and Sauternes are less than forty minutes away.

When it comes to wine tasting and touring châteaux, I like to introduce my guests to the smaller, less known local properties. There is no need to spend a lot of money to drink wonderful wines (but we can do that too).

Because my family has been a part of the wine industry here for so long, I will be able to show you another side of the vineyard and introduce you to the REAL Bordeaux.

Selected by my Cheesemonger Pierre at the market, we can enjoy all kinds of cheeses with a nice bottle of red or Sauternes at home or in the middle of the vineyard, sitting on a blanket, overlooking the river Dordogne. There is simply no wrong way to enjoy cheese, especially if you have the right baguette to spread it on...